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Cotton bags printing at pracownia kreska – the cotton bags specialist. The eco cotton bags are made of organic or biologic cotton. More and more customers choose quality from Poland because of the neat finishing and the extra strong quality of the bags (140gr./m2). The cotton bags can be printed with your logo, text and photo. OEKO-TEX standard.

Price list printing cotton bags

Cotton bags short handles

This cotton bag is a convenient shopping bag with short handles. The cotton bag is made from organic, unbleached 140 g/m² strong cotton. The bag can be printed with your logo or text with up to 6 colors. This is an ideal way to advertise your business. The bags are also very suitable for fairs, congresses and events. Below are the unit price of printed cotton bags in one place in one color. All prints in the package must be identical.

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Product information:

printing size:            210×300 mm
delivery time:           10 working days incl. print
produkt color:           natural – ecru

material:                   100% Cotton
size (cm):                  38 x 42 cm
material thickness:   140 gr/m2
minimum quantity:   100 pcs
handle size:              35 cm


Have a look at our price lists and technical options. We’ll explain everything in person, over e-mail, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cotton bag price with color print

Below you will find prices for this product with one-sided printing in colors, without matrix.

1 colors
2 colors
3 colors
4 colors
5 colors
6 colors
From 100 pieces
1,30 €
1,65 €
2,00 €
2,35 €
2,70 €
3,05 €
From 250 pieces
1,15 €
1,50 €
1,85 €
2,20 €
2,55 €
2,90 €
From 500 pieces
1,00 €
1,35 €
1,70 €
2,05 €
2,40 €
2,75 €
From 1000 pieces
0,85 €
1,20 €
1,55 €
1,90 €
2,25 €
2,60 €

 direct screen printing, standard colors, eko-friendly water based paint, printing format up to A4 21×30 cm

To achieve brilliant color print on darker fabrics, a white pre-print is required. This is generally the case when print colors are lighter than the cotton bags fabric (for example yellow printed onto black or pink onto blue etc.) This is also applies to white prints on darker bags fabric. All prices are listed in EURO. Please add 23% Poland VAT where applicable (exceptions: deliveries within the EU to companies with EU sales tax ID number). Deliveries outside of the EU are tax free.

Preparation – screenprinting

screen (one for each color)
– 15 €/colour from A4   21×30 cm,
– 25 €/colour from A3   30×42 cm,
– 35 €/colour from A3+ 39×54 cm
Delivery Pricing abroad Europe (European Union)

We use couriers for all of our deliveries to guarantee prompt and on time deliveries – price list delivery