Eco friendly screen printing

eco friendly

How To Do Eko-Friendly Screen Printing

I will try to present more serious problems that may help others
in change to eko friendly screen printing.

We are proud to lead a small studio for many years, which changed its profile to a greener, we make every effort to minimize our impact on the environment.

Everything you need to know about “green printing” 

If you read this text, you are in the majority of clothing stores to order, – which print silk screen prints, t-shirts and clothes that come out of the dryer, are decorated with plastisol paint. Running a production based on ecological practices and paints is a challenge for everyone.

Ecological and sustainable business practices are the perfect combination, fear of investment prices. Lack of educational resources and the additional need to learn, they have been using plastisol paint in Europe as the predominant method of printing on clothing for decades.  Many of these issues are debatable, and in the last few years a new range of stores and innovative manufacturers has changed. The launch or rebranding as a green printing house is no longer an overwhelming obstacle as it once was.

eco friendly printing - silkscreen printing hause


Transforming Your WorkShop

If you’re trying to take your shop green for the first time, it looks something like this:
– veco-friendly chemicals
– water based ink
– waste recycling
– proper filtration systems

– appropriate marketing