price list screen printing t shirts

Price list screen printing t-shirts

Price list screen printing – wather based paint for eco-friendly.
T-shirt with custom logo.

All prices are listed in PLN (złoty polski).

Price list – direct screen printing T shirts

standard colors, water based paint, printing format up to A4 21×30 cm, * – a lump sum.

1 colour
2 colors
3 colors
4 colors
5 colors
6 colors
  10 – 19
9,50 zł
  20 – 34
8,50 zł
  35- 50
 3,80 zł
 2,80 zł
 2,70 zł
 2,60 zł
2,50 zł

To achieve brilliant color print on darker fabrics, a white pre-print is required. This is generally the case when print colors are lighter than the t-shirt fabric (for example yellow printed onto black or pink onto blue etc.) This is also applies to white prints on darker shirt fabric.
All prices are listed in PLN (złoty polski). Please add 23% Poland VAT where applicable (exceptions: deliveries within the EU to companies with EU sales tax ID number. Deliveries outside of the EU are tax free).
Prices for printing on either the front or the back of the garment include all incidental printing costs, for print sizes up to and including A4.
For shipping and delivery costs (where applicable) please see our current shipping and delivery price list.
Halftone prints are individually priced. Please inquire about prices for larger orders, halftone, or special colors. 
For layouts or graphic design requests please contact us. Offers and content subject to change.
Errors and omissions excluded. Our usual terms and conditions apply.

Preparation – screenprinting

screen (one for each color)
–   65,00 zł (PLN) / colour from A4   21×30 cm,
–   90,00 zł (PLN) / colour from A3   30×42 cm,
– 140,00 zł (PLN) / colour from A3+ 39×54 cm

Additional printing cost

print on poloshirts, hoodies, sweaters + 0,20 €
– non standard placement – over the seam, inside the shirt + 0,20 €
– non standard placement – over zipper, over the pocket +0,50 €
– printing in A3 format 30×42 cm +50-100%

specjal colors: glitter, neon colors, phosphor, gold, silver or foam +100-200%

Price list – packaging clothing
standard packaging – collective (carton) for FREE
packing and folding shirts (t-shirts) for individual plastic bags 0,60 zł/pcs.

unpacking from a plastic bag – 0,30 zł/piece

packing on poloshirts, sweaters,  +0,90 zł/pcs.

Individual pricing

 printing in Pantone ™ colors in small quantities

photo printing and tonal transitions

Additional services

change in print color (for one project/printed pattern in several colors) from 10.00 €

Printing Costs
In an effort to be as transparent as possible we have summarised all our print and for easy reference.
These costs are for printing only and our prices are shown exclusive of VAT.
Each individual blank (undecorated) garment has its own cost which you can refer to on the relevant product page.
Screen Printing Pricing
The chart below gives details on the screen printing prices for printing your design.
Once you have chosen your work wear or clothing, use the chart below to calculate the printing costs to be added to the garment.
Our minimum order is only 10 garments.

All printing prices are exclusive of VAT.

Delivery Pricing abroad Europe (European Union)

We use couriers for all of our deliveries to guarantee prompt and on time deliveries. – price list delivery


Have a look at our price lists and technical options. We’ll explain everything in person, over e-mail, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


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★ Screen printing is characterized by high resistance during carrying and washing, as well as low price for larger series
★ Screen printing is a printing process in which the paint is rubbed with a rubber squeegee (manually or automatically) through exposed fabric with fine mesh (sieves) …

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