water based inks

water based inks ★ 100% eco-friendly

water based inks ★ 100% eco-friendly ★ silk screen printing clothing


• hypoallergenic
• odourless, non-toxic and safe for children
» certified to the most strict environmental standards
» soft-to-the-touch prints which can be safely ironed


Why no plastisol inks?

Do not use plastic inks due to their persistence in the environment.
Water based inks to suit all situations are available.
They are capable of producing true whites, and vivid fluorescent colours across all colourways.


Specialise in waterbased inks

Many years of experience using them. There are no plastisol (plastic) inks used in our workshops.
Waterbased inks are very soft to the touch, and they are the most environmentally friendly screen printing ink.
The resulting prints will last as long as the tshirt itself. Below describes the different types, and uses of, our water based inks.

water based inks ★ 100% eco-friendly ★ garment screen printing







PolyOne OASIS is a complete line of ecological water-based paints with excellent parameters.
PANTONE color mixing formulas are available for many colors. They do not contain phthalates, PVC and APEO.

They comply with all key international environmental requirements.
The OASIS ink print is super soft to the touch, durable and resistant to washing, and the colors are strong and saturated.



Water paints from the Belgian manufacturer Sico Screen Inks are ecological.

Unlike other textile paints, they do not contain formaldehyde, there is no evaporation toxic fumes during drying (fixation), without diluents.
100% water-based, they do not contain heavy metals or harmful pigments, they do not contain PVC.


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